Derek Eder

Civic Tech Builder

Hi, I'm Derek Eder. I'm an entrepreneur, developer and one of the leaders of the civic technology community in Chicago. During the day, I run DataMade, a civic technology company. We build open source technology using data to empower journalists, researchers, governments and advocacy organizations.

I am Co-Founder and Board President of Chi Hack Night, Chicago's weekly event to build, share, and learn about civic tech. Read my full bio »

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Introducing Decarb My State

As part of our 500th Chi Hack Night on July 12, 2022, Derek Eder gave a lightning talk debuting, a new website to galvanize action on climate change through clean electrification.

Intro to being anti-racist in civic tech

What does it mean to be anti-racist? What is white supremacy culture and how does it show up? Over the past months, Chi Hack Night’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee has discussed and researched these questions. I am joined by fellow Chi Hack Night Board Members Ryan Spencer and Samantha Evans to share what we learned in our blog post so that we can all work to make our communities more equitable and just.

How Chicago ‘Hacktivist’ Derek Eder Uses Public Data for Good

WTTW Chicago Tonight interview I did with Phil Ponce on Chi Hack Night, DataMade, and the work done by the Chicago civic technology community in the last 5 years. We discussed some more recent projects including Chicagos Million Dollar Blocks and Justice Divided.

When Technology and Policy Work Together: Large Lots in Chicago

Demond Drummer and I share the story of how community organizers, technologists, and the City of Chicago collaborated to roll out a new program to give local residents ownership of vacant land in their neighborhood and incentivize neighborhood-level investment.

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Decarb My State

With volunteers at Chi Hack Night, we pulled together emissions and electrification data for all 50 states + DC and organize it based on the biggest sources of climate pollution: the machines we use to heat our homes, cook our food, get us places, and produce our power. We count and name every coal, gas and oil plant that needs to close, track how many of our buildings and cars have been electrified, and how much wind and solar has been built.

Budget: Oak Park

Budget: Oak Park is a budget transparency tool for the Village of Oak Park, Illinois. It was built by Oak Park Residents Derek Eder (Partner, DataMade) and Alicia Chastain. It is not an official application from the Village. By extracting data from the Village’s official budgets from 2017, 2019 and 2021, we were able to display and compare annual budgets from 2013 through 2021.

Searchable Map Template - CSV

Put your data on a searchable, filterable map. This is a free, open source tool and template powered by javascript in the browser using Leaflet and Turf.js.

2nd City Zoning

To make Chicago’s zoning code digestible by humans, we took inspiration from one of our favorite games: Sim City 2000. Find out how your building is zoned, learn where to locate your business and explore zoning patterns throughout the city. • © 2022 Derek Eder