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Maps Mapping Chicago's data

These are all created using Google Fusion Tables. Let me know if you have a cool dataset you’d like to see a map of. If you're feeling adventurous, you can make one of your own by starting with this.

Searchable Map Template with Google Fusion Tables

Put your data on a searchable, filterable map. This is a free, open source tool and template powered by Google Fusion Tables. Fusion Tables.
Press: Google Maps Mania

2nd City Zoning

To make Chicago’s zoning code digestible by humans, we took inspiration from one of our favorite games: Sim City 2000. Find out how your building is zoned, learn where to locate your business and explore zoning patterns throughout the city.
Press: Chicago Tonight (WTTW)

Chicago Public School (CPS) Tiers

CPS places every part of the city into one of four socio-economic "tiers" and requires selective schools to reserve the same number of spots for the students from each tier. Find which CPS tier you are in with this tool.
Press: EdWeek | CLTV Politics Tonight | Chicago Tonight | Chicagoist


The City of Chicago launched Plow Tracker, an app that tracks the city's snow plows in real time. This app uses the same data. By knowing where the plows are, we've figured which streets have been plowed.
Press: Chicago Tonight | The Chicago Tribune | Chicagoist | GridChicago

Vacant and Abandoned Building Finder

Find vacant and abandoned buildings in Chicago. Data comes from reports made for open and vacant buildings to 311 since January 1, 2010.
Press: Govfresh | MetaFilter

Chicago TIF Projects

I teamed up with a group of journalism students from Columbia College to present a searchable map of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Projects in Chicago. Also includes a heat map of amounts allocated per ward.
Press: The New York Times | Chicago News Cooperative | ChicagoTalks | MetaFilter

Health Clinics in Chicago

Find neighborhood, mental health, and Women, Infants & Children (WIC) clinics in Chicago.

Chicago Bike Crash Reports

Searchable map of nearly 5,000 reported bicycle crashes in the City of Chicago from 2007-2009 as reported to the Illinois Department of Transportation.

2011 Illinois Senate Redistricting Plan

View the Illinois Senate's redistricting plan released on May 19, 2011, to see which district you will fall in and compare it to the existing 2001 boundaries. • © 2019 Derek Eder