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Searchable Map Template with Google Fusion Tables

Put your data on a searchable, filterable map.


  • clean, full-screen layout
  • mobile- and tablet-friendly using responsive design
  • address search (with variable radius)
  • geolocation ("find me")
  • RESTful URLs for sharing searches
  • results count (using Google's Fusion Tables API)
  • ability to easily add additional search filters (checkboxes, sliders, etc.)
  • all done with HTML, CSS and Javascript - no server-side code required

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Working example of the above demo

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Just seven steps!

Copyright © 2014 Derek Eder
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There's a Google Group for anyone who wants to or has used this Searchable Map Template. Join the growing community of map makers to learn, share and benefit from each other!

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Working examples

Quite a few other people have used this template for their own projects. I try to keep track of them here:

By Derek Eder (thats me!)