Derek Eder

Civic Tech Builder

Hi, I'm Derek Eder. I'm an entrepreneur, developer and one of the leaders of the civic technology community in Chicago. During the day, I run DataMade, a civic technology company. We build open source technology using data to empower journalists, researchers, governments and advocacy organizations.

I run the Chi Hack Night, Chicago's weekly event to build, share, and learn about civic tech. Read my full bio »

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When Technology and Policy Work Together: Large Lots in Chicago

Demond Drummer and Derek Eder share the story of how community organizers, technologists, and the City of Chicago collaborated to roll out a new program to give local residents ownership of vacant land in their neighborhood and incentivize neighborhood-level investment.

Open Gov in Chicago: Changing Government from the Outside In

What's the OpenGov thing all about anyway? In my first ever Pecha Kucha-style talk, I make an attempt to summarize 7 years of Open Government history in 6 minutes and 20 seconds.

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Searchable Map Template with Google Fusion Tables

Put your data on a searchable, filterable map. This is a free, open source tool and template powered by Google Fusion Tables.

2nd City Zoning

To make Chicago’s zoning code digestible by humans, we took inspiration from one of our favorite games: Sim City 2000. Find out how your building is zoned, learn where to locate your business and explore zoning patterns throughout the city. • © 2017 Derek Eder