Derek Eder

Civic Tech Builder

Derek Eder

Civic Tech Builder interested in open government, open data, mapping, usability and social impact.

2543 N Spaulding Ave #2, Chicago, IL 60647


DataMade - Owner and Developer

July 2012–Present
Chicago, IL

Civic consultancy that deploys civic apps, build custom visualizations, and train people to work with open data.

  • Lead a team of three that specialize in doing open source agile development
  • Over ten diverse clients including governments, non-for-profits, universities and newspapers
  • Train and empower clients to use free and powerful open source tools for visualizing and analyizing data

Open City - Cofounder and Developer

June 2011–Present
Chicago, IL

Volunteer group that creates web apps with open data to improve transparency, efficiency and decision-making for governments and our democracy.

  • Lead a team of developers and designers to build open source apps with open data from Chicago and Cook County
  • Analyze open data to tell stories and create visualizations to explain complex systems to the average citizen
  • Organize a weekly Chi Hack Night to facilitate and stimulate new projects built with open data

Webitects - Senior Web Developer

May 2006–Present
Chicago IL

.NET shop specializing in research and design for custom websites.

  • Build, manage and maintain more than 30 major .NET, PHP and Rails projects
  • Lead most projects, client relations and teams
  • Train and mentor new developer employees
  • Implement internal tech policies like distributed version control, Amazon EC2 and PayPal integration

Other relevant experience

Founder and Lead Organizer for Chi Hack Night Weekly event where 100-150 developers, designers, researchers, policy wonks and citizens get together to work on and talk about open data and civic innovation.

Dedupe Python Library An open source, extensible python library that quickly de-duplicates large sets of data from any source using machine learning, smart comparitors and complex blocking.

Fusion Tables Searchable Map Template Open source template build on top of Google Fusion Tables to create custom searchable maps. Used by news publications, civic hackers and developers around the world. Featured by Google on Fusion Tables Tools page.


B.S. Computer Engineering
Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Graduated: May 2005


Programming languages Ruby, Python, Javascript, C++/C#, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, PHP, ASP, Java, R

Platforms Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Flask, Django, WordPress, Git/Github, Heroku, Amazon EC2, Fusion Tables, .NET

Applications Vim, Visual Studio, Photoshop, OpenOffice, QGIS, TileMill, VirtualBox

Operating systems OS X, Windows (7, XP, Server), Linux (Ubuntu, FreeBSD)


Emerging Leader 2013 Community Indicators Consortium Summit

Top 10 Finalist Apps for Metro Chicago Community Round for Vacant Building Finder web app

Top 20 Finalist Apps for Metro Chicago Grand Challenge for Chicago Lobbyists website

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